megan barron
likes words
: likes birds
: posts one photo a day at:

tamar kondy-berberich
needs to make things
: is inspired by color
: lives in san francisco

isabel osinsk
: oyster farmer

bea romeo
tries to be silent

alanna rose
:is enthralled with light
: lives on a farm in upstate new york
: blogs at

angelina tolentino
: dreams of the ocean
: is happy with a little paint in her hair
: lives in Seattle in a small house with a big garden

sara tuminello
: sometimes wishes she were back in art school
: makes and creates in between the nooks and crannies of everyday life
: blogs at

kaori uchisaka
: is picking up where she left off
: lives and works in new york city

nadira vlaun
: looks inside out and outside in
: is living humbly, in wonder from the beauty of chaos
: thinks creating can create peace

eileen ward
: is in awe of the endless curiosity of my 2-year-old
: lives in an 1892 farmhouse on an island in the Pacific Northwest
: loves the delicate beauty of doilies

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