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  • Kristian says:

    I am wondering about signature. My father always asked me
    ‘is it done? then sign it’. So my question to the others in the drawing project is the same. I see many pieces and I am wondering if they are signed in the back, or if they are signed elsewhere. Also, once the piece is signed do you feel that it gives you a sense of closure?

    I also find interesting the placement of signatures. This is always hard for me when signing a piece.


  • sara says:

    for some reason i’m hardly ever moved to sign my work. it doesn’t play into “finished” for me. sometimes it’s clear when it’s done, sometimes not, but signing a piece doesn’t finalize it for me. i often hesitate in signing… where, why, how will it change the composition? i do often date or number the back, but rarely sign it. hmm…

    and you?

  • kristian says:

    crazy. I really like to sign my work. I love to play with my signature. I like to think of it as a stamp. I don’t think that a signature can have a bad place a
    work. I mean it can, but not usually. I find it so interesting the number of you that don’t sign their pieces.

    I almost feel that if they are not signed that they are then just sketches, doodles, lying around the house/studio. Especially sculpture! It would be scrap metal if not signed….

    Pretty interesting-

  • annie says:

    I sign and date my work differently depending on the medium. Typically I will sign on the reverse of th artwork (mainly for recording purposes) except in the instance of a print where there is a standard placement used by all artists. I usually don’t want it to interfere with the image. I don’t necessarily see as signature as closure for a piece just an id tag, so will not be adverse to tinkering with a piece again unless it is a print.

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