what is a drawing?

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  • For me, a drawing is the beginning of a dialogue between artist and viewer.

  • nadira says:

    A visual translation of thought.

  • sara says:

    : a quick (or long) way to jot down visual ideas
    : a starting point
    : a translation
    : the meat and potatoes, so to speak, of art making
    : a way to think, a way to communicate

  • Brittany Ann Keys says:

    Memories, sadness, happiness pain…all emotions. It’s a view of the mind, inside and out

  • Ann Vlaun says:

    The transition of life

  • Phil Nahrgang says:

    Silent noise is awesome but I wish it were darker…or had a lighter name. I love the detail. Excellent artist.

  • kaori says:

    A form of visual communication, a process of recording thought through the eye and the hand using a variety of materials and devices.

  • jamie birdsong says:

    i love the bird one from this week…
    the acrylic with pen and paper cuts…
    the colors and the way they play together and the circles in pen… i just like how it all is placed and how it fills the space together.

    i like seeing how everyones work is progressing and evolving. its fun to return and see. you all are really inspiring. thank you.

  • Alexa says:

    Inspiration provoking further inspiration – a chain of thoughts, philosophies, feelings, and memories.
    Cumulative visions flowing as one through graphite or charcoal.

    ~Thank you all for the beautiful artwork. I always look forward to seeing more.

  • lili nealon says:

    Congratulations to all the artists on this project, who have kept it up for so long! I have enjoyed the magic of checking the site and finding new work.
    Please keep it up!

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